About Chiang Mai Lawyer

The Law Firm in Chiang Mai, Thailand

CNX Legal Consultant

Chiang Mai Lawyer, formally known as Chiangmai Legal and Real Estate Consult Co. Ltd., was founded by Attorney Boonchai Nitibordeeborriruk, a licensed lawyer in Thailand who has been in business and the practice of law for many years.

The law firm has its corporate headquarters in the San Khampaeng district of Chiang Mai Province. Atty. Boonchai has assembled a staff of licensed Thai lawyers, English-speaking advisors and experienced paralegals familiar with the laws, regulations and procedures that pertain to a wide range of services requested by Thai and foreign residents of northern Thailand.

The law firm also brings together a team of experienced lawyers who can represent clients at court in civil, criminal, family law and other matters. The firm’s strength is its ability to offer specially-tailored solutions to the particular needs of its clients, many of whom have never before lived or invested in Thailand.

For this reason, the partners, Thai lawyers and legal team, have been chosen for their knowledge of Thai law and practice and their ability to convey important legal points in an easy-to-understand way. Communication in a cross-cultural setting is particularly difficult in a country for which English is not the primary language of business, such as Thailand.

For that reason, lawyers and advisers at Chiang Mai Lawyers make it a point to insure effective and timely communications with each of their clients, to include summary client updates e-mailed weekly.

Further, our English speaking lawyer is available by telephone to answer any questions or provide any clarifications. Chiang Mai Lawyers’ attorneys will make themselves available for urgent consultations on Saturdays if need be to accommodate their client’s travel plans.

Meetings are available at either Chiang Mai Lawyer's offices or at any other venue convenient to the client. Walk-in consultations are possible, availability of an adviser permitting.