Business Licenses in Thailand

Types of Business License in Thailand

Following the registration of a new business with the Thai Ministry of Commerce, business owners need to review whether or not their company requires a special business license before commencing operations. There are a wide range of such licenses; the following are well-known examples:

Food License

Required of all restaurants preparing cooked meals for customers.

Alcohol License

Required of all businesses selling alcoholic drinks.

Entertainment License

Required of businesses providing live entertainment.

Hotel License

Required of businesses providing accommodation such as hotels and guesthouses.

Food and Drug License

Required of businesses which manufacture, import and/or sell food products, drugs, medical products/devices of any type.

Foreign Business License

Required of any business which is majority-owned by foreigners operating in Thailand.

Business Licenses

Thailand Business License Service

Thailand Business Licenses

Business licenses are issued by a wide range of government agencies, some located in Bangkok, and others at the local government level. CNX Legal Consultant, because of its many years’ experience in corporate & business law, will know the relevant requirements and procedures that affect your type of business and can arrange the needed licenses in an efficient and timely manner.

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