Business & Company Set up in Thailand

Why Set up a Company in Thailand

Setting up a company in Thailand is relatively easy and can take place in a period as short as five to seven business days. There are various business structures available to suite the particular needs of clients, ranging from international firms wishing to establish branch offices in Thailand to small owner-operated companies providing services in major cities or resort towns in the Kingdom.

Business & Company Set up in Thailand​

Thailand Business and Company Set up Service

Thailand Business and Company Set up Service

Set up a New Business in Thailand

The most popular form of business in Thailand selected by foreign private investors is the Limited Company because it is easy to set up and maintain. There are limitations however in the types of businesses that can be majority-owned by foreigners under Thai law, and CNX Legal Consultant’s advisors and lawyers will guide you through the options to insure you choose the best business structure for your needs.

There are linkages that exist under Thai law between the structure of a business; the requirement for work permits for foreigners employed in a company; the minimum number of Thai employees needed; and compliance with Thai tax, accounting and social security laws and regulations.

For that reason, it is important to have a total overview of your business plan from the outset to insure all legal requirements are covered. CNX Legal Consultant’s advisors have years of experience in setting up and managing businesses in Thailand and will assist you at every step of the way to achieve the desired result.

Set up an Amity Treaty Company in Thailand

American nationals, under a special Treaty concluded with Thailand in 1966, were granted special privileges to majority-own their own businesses in Thailand under certain circumstances. This privilege continues to be made available to all citizens of the United States of America, although Thailand has begun negotiations to revise terms of this agreement.

Until new terms have been agreed between the two countries, so-called “Amity” companies continue to be established allowing Americans to fully- or majority-own businesses without the need for Thai partners. Although there are some exceptions, most types of business qualify for this special privilege.

At CNX Legal Consultant, an American business advisor will meet with you to review your proposed ownership structure and business plan and advise whether you qualify for the privilege. If you do, CNX Legal Consultant will endeavor to obtain the US Embassy and Thai Ministry of Commerce approvals needed so you can set up your new company as soon as possible.

Meetings are available at either Chiang Mai Lawyer's offices or at any other venue convenient to the client. Walk-in consultations are possible, availability of an adviser permitting.