Condominium Management in Thailand

Thailand Condominium Management Service

Chiangmai Legal & Real Estate Consult Co. Ltd. (CLRC) offer a range of services in the management of condominiums and housing estates in Chiang Mai and elsewhere in the northern region.

The following services are available by the CLRC team:

Juristic Person Management

A legally-trained administrator to oversee all issues concerning the law, condominium or estate owner’s committees, notifications required by law, compliance with rules & regulations, etc.

Operations Management

A comprehensive package which includes building maintenance, housekeeping, grounds management, security, front-office, accountancy, etc.

Engineering Inspection Service

Responsible for periodic reviews of the status of various condominium systems (electrical, plumbing, waste water, security, elevators, among others).

Security Advisory Service

Providing guidance concerning security monitoring systems and the selection and supervision of security staff.

Administrative Support

Direct support provided to condo-owners' committee and the juristic-person office concerning legal and rules enforcement.

Accountancy and Financial Management

A specific package relating to condo financial transactions: banking; juristic fees; expenditures such as utilities, staff timekeeping & wage records, insurance; government reporting; financial reporting to the owners’ committee; etc.

Condominium Management in Thailand

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The CLRC team comprises both Thai and foreign experts in management and law with extensive property-sector experience in Thailand. For an assessment of the needs of your condominium or housing estate, or further information about available management services, please contact Khun Boonchai N.

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Meetings are available at either Chiang Mai Lawyer's offices or at any other venue convenient to the client. Walk-in consultations are possible, availability of an adviser permitting.