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Notary Public in Thailand

Last Will & Testament Service

CNX Legal Consultant, staffed by licensed Thai lawyers, including a Notary Public (Notary Public Chiangmai, Northern Thailand ), can offer a range of legal services at a reasonable price. These include: Last Will & Testament in English with translation into Thai. The Last Will is the expression of the wishes of the writer as to the disposition of his assets should he pass away in Thailand. The Will is likely to be written expressly for assets located in Thailand only (another Will should be prepared for assets located outside of Thailand).

Assets to be listed include bank accounts, properties, loans outstanding, vehicles, jewelry, etc.—anything of value the writer wishes to pass on to designated heirs. The Will must clearly identify the heirs by name and current address; the name of a trusted person to serve as executor of the estate in Thailand (responsible for managing the process of distribution of assets); and be signed by the writer and two witnesses.

Last Will & Testament

Other Legal Services

Notary Public
  1. Notarization of legal documents for domestic and international use;
  2. Translation of legal documents into Thai or English;
  3. Certification of documents by foreign Embassies or Consulates in Chiang Mai or Bangkok with onward certification from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok if required;
  4. Specific or general powers of attorney for any legal purpose.

Meetings are available at either Chiang Mai Lawyer's offices or at any other venue convenient to the client. Walk-in consultations are possible, availability of an adviser permitting.