Dispute Resolution & Litigation Lawyer
in Thailand

Dispute Resolution and Litigation in Thailand

From time to time, disputes will arise between parties to any agreement, be it one that concerns a business partnership, a marriage relationship, property, etc.

The most efficient approach is to settle the dispute in an amicable way without having to resort to litigation in a Thai court of law. Such an out-of-court settlement is achieved through a process called mediation, and hopefully brings about a satisfactory result within a much shorter span of time than expected from lengthy court proceedings.

Mediation in Thailand is frequently employed in marital disputes concerning property or child custody, or disagreements arising among business partners. CNX Legal Consultant employs licensed Thai lawyers and experienced advisors to review the circumstances leading to the dispute and related documentation. Following this, a proposed strategy will be devised to achieve a settlement and be discussed separately with the two opposing parties.

In most cases, a final mediation agreement can be achieved in a matter of 2-4 weeks and not require any court action. In the few cases where a settlement cannot be achieved out of court, Chiang Mai Lawyers’ expert team of attorneys and licensed Thai barristers can take a dispute to a formal trial to obtain a decision by a court of law.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation Lawyer

Thailand Dispute Resolution and Litigation Lawyer

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In some cases, the nature of the offense or dispute requires an immediate referral to police investigators or a court of law. This can be handled, on an expedited basis if need be, by CNX Legal Consultant’s lawyer team of civil and criminal litigators.

If a client’s case requires the immediate involvement of police investigators, CNX Legal Consultant’s lawyer can coordinate with the local police authorities and the courts to achieve an urgent resolution of the problem.

Whether your legal problem in Thailand is resolved by mediation or formal court action, CNX Legal Consultant’s lawyer will carefully explain the legal principles that underlie your case, propose options for moving forward, timelines and estimated costs.

Meetings are available at either Chiang Mai Lawyer's offices or at any other venue convenient to the client. Walk-in consultations are possible, availability of an adviser permitting.