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Getting Married in Thailand

The registration of marriage in Thailand is a relatively straight-forward and simple process. The two parties appear at the registrar’s office in any district of Thailand with identification documents (Thai ID card in the case of local citizens, and passports in the case of foreigners).

The parties must also present documents to prove they are eligible to marry under Thai law, i.e. if previously married, that they are now divorced or widowed. In the case of foreigners, such documentation is obtainable from their country’s embassy in Bangkok.

An important element of Thai marriage registration is the statement of assets owned by the two applicants. This basic statement, called a pre-nuptial agreement, may be given verbally to the registrar at the time of registration; but it is highly recommended that it be presented in writing.

It will list the assets owned by both parties prior to their marriage, including bank accounts, property, vehicles, etc. wherever they may be around the world. These assets will not be considered “conjugal property” (co-owned by both spouses) and cannot be claimed by either spouse later should the marriage be dissolved.


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Getting Divorced in Thailand

If for any reason, the two parties in a Thai marriage decide at a later date to dissolve the arrangement, they may present themselves to the registrar at the same district office where they were married, and file for an uncontested divorce.

In such a case, the divorce will be granted immediately, but the Thai registrar will want to know how conjugal (marital) property is to be distributed; whether there is an agreement to provide support to the other spouse, and if there are children, whether there is an agreement on child support.

In the more difficult case of a dispute leading to a contested divorce, an effort will be made to achieve a mediated settlement, to include clauses about financial support to the spouse and any children, distribution of assets and any other matters requested by the parties. Such a settlement can be achieved within a week or two, provided no major issues interfere.

In the worst case scenario, an approach will be made to the Thai Family Court to achieve a court ruling about the terms of settlement. Given the importance of the marital–and parental–relationship and the legal issues surrounding the rights of spouses and children; and because of the financial implications of the ownership of cash assets and property, it is critical that two individuals contemplating marriage in Thailand—or divorce—get competent advice and assistance prior to entering into legally-binding arrangements.


Thailand Marriage and Divorce Lawyer

Marriage and Divorce Lawyer

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